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Problem solution for high speed DPI-2 managed Ethernet-switching.

SNTT provides problem unique solution for high speed DPI-2 managed Ethernet-switching: DirectUnit.

DirectUnit is a leading development in the field of high-speed packet switching, aggregation and balancing of telecommunication channels.

The device is designed for solution of specific problems of Ethernet-frames and IP-packets managment on the basis of the content of 10G-40G-100G networks. For most purposes the platform DirectUnit provides only a hardware analysis and transmission of data. The platform does not use CPU resources and is able to operate zero-loss for years.

New technology DPI-2 allows you to move from batch analysis data to analysis and decision-making at the level of TCP/IP flows. Support of complex networking stacks and configurations, advanced functionality and updates can be delivered to the customer in the form of a firmware produced by SNTT. 


Key features:

  • Aggregation and multiplexing any data channels on fly;
  • Zero packet loss special technology;
  • Fully programmable and feature expandable;
  • STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, STM-64 tap aggregation to Ethernet;
  • Management of 12-64 10G/1G Ethernet ports, extension to 40G  and 100G;
  • 3 basic modes of operation: aggregation, switching, virtualization;
  • Transparent channel aggregation “any to any” with a balancing feature;
  • Switching on the basis of DPI-2 rules of 2-7 DPI-2 network levels, URL tables;
  • Virtualization of Ethernet: forwarding, redundancy, half duplex;
  • Support of network stack of any complexity (depth).

Brief Specification:


Ethernet 10G standard 802.3ae Power consumption 100-200W
Ethernet 40G/100G standard 802.3ba Power supply redundancy 220V 50 Hz
Small Form-factor Pluggable SFP+,CFP, special, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, STM-64 Device management ETH/USB/WEB
The number of 10G Ethernet ports 12/24/32/64 Form factor 1RU
Optional connectivity of 40G and 100G Ethernet interfaces.


Power efficiency, compactness and stability:


  • Power consumption 1RU up to 200W;
  • Declared bandwidth more than 480 Gbit/sec in 1RU;
  • The channel data processing without hard drives, processors and operating systems.

The flexibility:


  • Flexible re-configurable product, possibility to buy the new modes of the product without having to replace hardware;
  • Software updating in the form of firmware.

Fields of application:


1. The branch of traffic aggregation points of the for organization monitoring the network without loss 64x10G RX + 64x10G TX  1RU:


  • management of traffic streams: aggregation of any input to any output;
  • balancing of streams: even distribution of the aggregated stream on the outputs;
  • filtering, classification: monitoring of only selected types of traffic or packets;
  • stacking of devices.

2. Ethernet 64x10G in 1RU virtualization:


  • 64х42U  10GE  full-duplex ports for traffic monitoring in a single rack;
  • trunk ports with minimal delays (100 ns), and no bandwidth limitations;
  • switching of virtual channels with bandwidth limitations;
  • shaping of virtual channels, bandwidth differentiation;
  • redundant channels, constant testing with switching to the backup channel on the basis of L2 switching.

3. Filtering and content management in real-time:


  • traffic filtering by features of application protocols IP, URL, HOST, EMAIL, PHONE, LOGIN without limitation of channel speed;
  • filtering on the basis of the DPI-2 (by network streams);
  • substitution of the message body for the specified criteria, redirecting of the user;
  • shaping on the basis of the traffic classification;
  • ability to implement URL filtering as a service in the framework of customer’s data-processing center.

4. Additional DPI services (supplied additional server, 1RU):


  • “Dashboard” to restrict access to the thematic sections (the traffic is processed only if the user has activated the service);
  • Internet usage statistics;
  • DDOS protection solution – preprocessing of multiple requests at the speed up to 100G;
  • URL blocking with an automatic update of the blocked URL and IP list.

5. Statistics gathering server from the service provider’s network (the bandwidth graphics, the double graphics, the narrow places of network), 1RU.



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