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SNTT Company presents CHRYSOLITE BDA - a specialized tool for data storage optimized for accumulation and fast retrieval of CDR information about subscriber activities in telephone networks (PSTN, GSM / CDMA).

This is a truly revolutionary product that changes radically the idea of the CDR data retention and retrieval:

  • the cost of storage system is less (from 4 to 10 times) than the cost of using the "traditional" approach and other appliance and storages in the market;
  • high-performance search in the information stored that is much faster than the analogues (up to ten tims);
  • significant disk space saving compared to analogues.
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100G Media Converter

The device is intended to convert media and data between Ethernet interfaces 100GBASE-LR4 (CFP4), 100GBASE-SR10 (CFP2), 10GBASE (SR).
  • Data translation on channel speed.
  • Translation between 2x100G and 24x10G interfaces.
  • Translation of Ethernet packets from 2x100G to 24x10G with balancing function.
  • Aggregation of Ethernet packets from 24x10G to 2x100G.
  • On-fly filtration function by any header fields.
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Traffic Management

Complete solution for providing legitimacy in CSP and ISP networks. Combined functionality (firewall, DoS/DDoS detection and filtering, blocking of prohibited URL, extended statistics).
  • Active DPI analysis solution for integration into the channels of telecoms operator.
  • Certified hardware system, integrated in existing channels, not demanding changes and not creating bottlenecks in a network.
  • Purchasing of necessary functional and its extension on the existing equipment.
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Leading development in the field of high-speed packet switching, aggregation and balancing of telecommunication channels.
  • Aggregation and multiplexing any data channels on fly;
  • Zero packet loss special technology;
  • Fully programmable and feature expandable;
  • Transparent channel aggregation "any to any" with a balancing feature;
  • Support of network stack of any complexity (depth).
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