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About Company

SNTT is a Slovenian company specializing in the development and implementation of high-tech enterprise Data System Storage and analytics based on them. The core profile is supplying hardware and software systems for storage, processing and analysis of Big Data.

The flagship product Chrysolite-BDA is a specialized tool of Data System Storage optimized for storage and rapid retrieval of data in the CDR (PSTN, GSM/CDMA). Chrysolite-BDA offers a new and effective approach to implementation of high-performance search systems and special data system storage in the CDR, providing solution of search activities tasks.

Chrysolite-BDA main advantages:


  • Cost-effectiveness: The cost of the storage system is from 4 to 10 times less than the cost of solutions with a “traditional” approach and other analogues in the storage market;
  • Increased productivity and advanced development: high-performance search in the stored information that is much faster in comparison with counterparts;
  • The best engineering solution: significant savings in terms of the disk space as compared to counterparts.

Chrysolite-BDA area application:


  • As a major component in the construction of systems of long-term search and CDR accumulation;
  • As the main Data Systems Storage in legal control systems when storing information about the connections of subscribers of telephone services;
  • As a permanent archive of the selected information about telephone subscribers compounds comprising monitoring centers.

The SNTT company provides a fully complete solution. We provide the model selection, assembly, design of the database structure for a specific task of the customer, testing, and we assist in embedding storage in the hardware and software infrastructure of the customer. Highly qualified specialists of SNTT and the unique experience in implementing CDR System Storage provide the best consulting and methodological support of this projects.


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